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Direct Radiology Equipment

DR – fast imaging, high productivity!

Direct Digital Radiography produces a digital image without the use of films or cassettes. X-rays directly hit the digital detector or plate and almost immediately, a digital image appears on the computer monitor. Digital images are then available for manipulation including window level contrast adjustment, negative reverse image, magnification, measurements and of course electronically archived!. Direct digital detectors may be permanently mounted in the table or wall bucky while others provide the flexibility of offering a removable detector plate system. 

CAN-med Healthcare represents a number of DR products from various manufacturers including AGFA, Carestream (Kodak), Konica, Kubtec, Sedecal(TXR) and Viztek.
  • DR products come with a variety of options and resolution choices
  • Fully DICOM compliant and HL7
  • Fast, high-resolution image quality
  • Some models may be available for retrofit or as complete DR systems
  • Single or Dual detector systems available
  • Diagnostic images within seconds
  • Full operator training
  • Full technical service including installation, warranty, preventative maintenance and emergency service
We also offer CCD DR Systems and Computed Radiography (CR) .
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