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Adapto Storage Products

  • Film Storage products

AFC Industries Inc.

  • Ergonomic workstations, mobile workstations and wall mount solutions
AFP Imaging
  • Film processors
  • Tradiitional products film, chemistry, cassettes/screens, accessories, parts
  • Digital equipment including CR and DR
AliMed Inc.
  • Accessories
All-Craft Wellman
  • Mammo markers, radiology markers
American Medical Sales (AMS)
  • Illuminators, bright spot
Bar-Ray Products
  • Lead aprons, illuminators, accessories
  • Referral and diagnostic displays
Beekley Corporation
  • Spots, lines, arrows for skin marking
Biodex Medical Systems
  • Ultrasound tables, MRI products and accessories
Brewer Company
  • Stools, radiology and MRI
Broadwest Corporation
  • Ella, MammoMask™
Capintec, Inc.
  • Dose calibrators, thyroid uptake systems, syringe and vial shields, survey meters and probes
  • Traditional products including film, chemistry, cassettes and screens
  • CR, DRX DR System, laser imagers
Carr Corporation
  • Passboxes
Cone Instruments
  • Radiographic accessories
  • Darkroom revolving doors
Contour Fabricators
  • Foam blocks, table pads
DRG Alternatives
  • Patient transfer mats
Diversified Diagnostics
  • Motorized viewers
Eco-Med Pharmaceuticals
  • Ultrasound gels
EMT Medical
  • Ultrasound probe covers, Bio-Scanguard ™
  • Mounting arms, PACS carts


  • Monitors and Displays

File Rite

  • Film and CD protective sleeves
Fluke Biomedical
  • QA test equipment, lead barriers, accreditation phantoms
Gammex RMI
  • Quality assurance products
Gendron Inc.
  • Stretchers
Genie Audio
  • Bari Flo
GMP Products
  • Processor/screen cleaning systems
  • One Pass™, EZ Clean™ sheets
  • Ultrasound chairs
Human Scale
  • Ergonomic products, keyboards

Ibiom Instruments

  • Ultrasound tables   
Image Smiths
  • DICOM calibration tools, Verilum
Image Supplier
  • Film marking and accessories
  • Lead aprons, glasses, glovesKODAK CANADA (Carestream)
  • Film and dry laser film, chemicals, cassettes/screens, processors, accessories, parts, CR and mobile CR
Konsyl Pharmaceuticals
  • Sitzmarks


  • Digital Specimen Radiology Systems, Computed Radiology Equipment, and Direct Radiology Equipment
Lily Products
  • Mammography viewing accessories
  • Mammo printers and software
Magmedix, Inc.
  • Non-magnetic products for MRI facilities
  • Illuminators, mammo illuminators
  • Film cassettes, lead screens
Medical Cost Containment Consultants Inc. (MC3)
  • X-Read™ QA software for windows
Mitsubishi Electric
  • Ultrasound paper
Modern Way Immobilizers
  • Pigg-O-Stat, infant immobilizer
  • MRI accessories
MXE, Inc.
  • Ultrasound tables
National Therapy
  • Ultrasound gels
  • Referral and diagnostic displays
Newmatic Medical
  • MRI Products
  • Positioning aids, filters
Olympic Medical
  • Blanket and contrast warmers
Parker Labs
  • Ultrasound gels, warmers, probe covers
PCI Medical
  • Soak stations & replacement filters
Pharmaceutical Innovations
  • Gel warmers, M-Spray, T-Spray
  • Referral and diagnostic monitors
Plastics Unlimited Inc.
  • PediaGraph immobilizer
Protect Medical Systems (FI Sales)
  • Processors
  • Grid protectors
Radiation Concepts Inc.
  • Darkroom accessories
Radx – see S&S Technology Reina Imaging
  • CR grids, Protect-A-Grid
S&S X-Ray Products Inc.
  • Illuminators, dark room accessories
  • Lead lined film bins, pass boxes
  • PRECISION mammo illuminators, motorized viewers
Shielding International
  • Lead aprons, gloves and accessories
Sony Products
  • Medical printers, print media monitors, medical DVD recorders
Sound Ergonomics
  • Capisco chair, imaging stretchers and workstations
  • Consumables and equipment contracts
Soyee Products, Inc.
  • Grids/grid protectors
Space File
  • Modular cabinets
Specialty Paper Products
  • Film envelopes
  • Markers, labels and rulers
  • Dry wipes for screen cleaning
Tension Envelope Corp
  • Film envelopes

Ultra Ray Products Inc.

  • Lead/non-lead aprons and accessories
  • X-ray tubes
White Mountain Imaging
  • Chemicals, mixers, spill block
Wide (Double Back Imaging)
  • Referral and diagnostic displays
Wolf X-Ray
  • Illuminators, lead products and imaging accessories 
X-Rite Inc.
  • Sensitometers, densitometers, silver recovery and software programs